Modern Warfare 3 Dedicated Server System Quick Guide

The location to the folder, that is -\steamapps\common\modern warfare 3\admin\ How To Load Recipes in Modern Warfare 3 Match Rules Now, you have already saved recipe that you created in the last step in admin folder of Modern Warfare 3 root directory. Which is -\steamapps\common\modern warfare 3\admin\ If you are confused by the Steam Root folder name It would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam in most of the cases. Can be different, if you have installed Steam in other than default location, hence using Steam Root folder name here makes things easy to refer to. Recipes are saved in .dsr file formats, which can be edited using any standard notepad. You can edit them using the notepad, save the changes and select these modified recipes by selecting the Load Recipe From Disk Option from the bottom Menu of the Game Setup screen. When you select that option, it will open a list of modified custom Recipes which you can load. Select the custom match rules recipe you want to load for your server and continue to the next step. Step 2 Dedicated Server Playlist Its a text file which has the match rules recipes and map rotation settings. You can also set several different settings for how map recipes pair, weight and frequency a given is rotated to and all that stuff. Playlists in Modern Warfare 3 are .dspl file format but still editable with a standard text editor. The content inside the playlist is in the following format: , <recipe_name> , <weight> <level_name> , <recipe_name> , <weight> <level_name> , <recipe_name> , <weight> For Example: mp_alpha, Custom_1, 1 mp_bootleg, Custom_1, 1 If you want to rotate the maps on random, you can put a * to denote it. In any case, there is an example .dspl playlist that will guide you to edit playlists in Modern Warfare 3 and has all the info you need to change any Playlist Including Map Names, Recipes, and how to assign weights to a map rotation. The example Playlist can be found in: \steamapps\common\modern warfare 3\admin\default.dspl When you change settings or edit a playlist or a recipe during an active session, the changes will be reflected in the next map. Step 3 How To Start Modern Warfare 3 Dedicated Server Once you have set up Modern Warfare 3 recipes and playlists, you are ready to start your Modern Warfare 3 dedicated server. First, make sure all the important files are in the admin directory \steamapps\common\modern warfare 3\admin Start the Dedicated Server from Steam &gt; Tools Menu. It will open the Dedicated Server Console. Name it by typing sv_hostnamein the dedicated server console. Replace with the name of your Dedicated Server say Noobs Haven. Step 4 Load Playlist and Setup Map Rotation Similarly, you can set up the map rotation by loading your Playlist. You can type sv_maprotationto load the map rotation playlist and then, type start_map_rotate to push the changes live! Want to play a private match ? password protect your server. Type set g_password in Modern Warfare 3 dedicated console to password protect your server. How To Tweak Modern Warfare 3 Server CFG Configuration Settings You can set the ports and other settings for your Modern Warfare 3 Dedicated Server by editing the following default server cfg or creating a new and pasting it in the following directory: \steamapps\common\modern warfare 3\admin\server.cfg The above default CFG has everything you would need to get started with your first Modern Warfare 3 server. <br />For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt; </weight> </recipe_name> </level_name> </weight> </recipe_name> </level_name> </weight> </recipe_name>

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